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OUR Research


Vision & Mission


Our vision is that our research directly or indirectly contributes to improved lung health and treatment of patients with lung diseases and that we reach our vision by using animal-free research methods.

Our mission is to increase understanding of normal and diseased lung tissue and identify novel therapeutic targets and treatment strategies. The PulmoScience Lab uses for this mission patient- and disease-relevant animal-free tissue models and promotes the use and implementation of these models by the respiratory research community. Research is conducted in close collaboration with clinical researchers and linked to the clinical focus of the department on Lung Cancer, Interstitial Lung Diseases (ILD) and in Alpha1-antiTrypsin Deficiency (AATD) & Severe Emphysema.

Regenerative medicine holds promise for many patients with lung disease, and is therefore a central theme in our research. Bridging fundamental and clinical research is essential to ultimately achieve benefit for patients, which is directly in line with our research vision.

To realize our research vision, we use human samples and human cell culture models to facilitate translation of results from laboratory research to the clinic. Building on our expertise, we continuously work on the development and improvement of advanced cell culture models that optimally reflect human lung tissue in health and disease, and use state of the art tools to study such models as well as patient samples.


A close interaction between the clinical team and the laboratory team is an active focus, and includes involvement of researchers with a clinical expertise in the laboratory team, both at the PhD and staff level and with our (international) collaborators


Furthermore, education and training of biomedical scientists are an essential part of our strategy to contribute to improvements in health care.

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